Hay Day Tips

Hay Day is now an educational simulation game that attracts a lot of players, so many interesting things you can find in this game. Gardening and having lots of livestock is of course commonplace, in this game you can also sell your agricultural products directly to visitors who come to see your plantation, therefore your farm should be designed as interesting as possible so that many visitors who come. And here we will give you 5 best tips that can help you to the victory.

Farming Tips

Farming is easy but it needs tricks in order to get good results such as we will provide for you.

  • First always look at reserves of seeds that have, do not until you run out of stock.
  • Time management is important you notice because this will affect the speed of producing the product.
  • Do not sell all your products to the users, as you will need them to produce another product.
  • order selection you need to pay attention and do not hesitate to reject the order which is difficult for you.
  • Use Tom as well as possible, because on some level you will get Tom free for 3 days.
  • Help agriculture about to get a Gift card.
  • Reduce the use of diamonds for unnecessary things.

Quick Level Up Tips

You can level up in time by planting wheat or gig and selling it at the price of a fuze at a store. Completing the order in the message can help you to get a lot of Gold and XP or load the ship as much as possible to add XP, or plant new types of plants can also generate much more XP if it is manifested when Even Double XP.

Tips to Generate Much Gold

Sell your product at the best price and do not have to be afraid of unsold stock and always visit Greg place To get cheap goods or buy in newspapers that always have a lot of cheap stuff there. Get rare items with Tom and sell at suburban stores for maximum price.

Tips on Getting Upgraded Materials

There are some best tips that you can follow are:
– Make sure the land you have is spacious
– plant as much hand as possible and harvest every 2 minutes.
– Repeat it over and over.

How to get Free Diamonds

There are so many ways to get diamonds easily. Each level you get will usually get 1-3 diamonds, finish the Achievement on your house can also get diamonds or hunt Mistery Box, while mine the possibility you can also get it, or carter end by getting a new type of fish.

That’s the best tips you can try to play faster in this game. thank you for visiting and do not forget to visit Hack and Cheat Hay Day to get the free diamond and get information about many games here where you can also find Hack & Cheat various games.


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