Candy Crush Saga is one game that has a lot of fans, from children to adults many who play this game. In this game not only focus on how far your level but not a few enthusiasts of this game are competing to create a record every record in each level as a reference for other players. And in this article, we will give the best tips and tricks so you can play better again.

Well, let’s discuss how to play this game in order to have the highest Score or get through each level easily.


Creating a Combo is very important, with this you have the opportunity for great value. You can combine the same five candies (either vertical or horizontal), but do not rush into their use, you can combine them with other candy that has a lot of amount on the board or can be with jellyfish, rainbow sprinkles, striped candy, wrap that will produce more quantities than usual.

Play Down

Try to always play below, because it will benefit you to get a great score because if you focus on playing below there is a possibility of the candy above will produce the score automatically. Unlike when you focus on the above playa candy below will not change and do not produce a score.

Special Candy Combination

You can combine two types of special candy like candy that is still wrapped with candy that has a line, this could be the start of the Big Blast because it can spend half a candy on the board or even entirely.

Play Vertically

If you play below then focus to play vertically will increase your chances of having a big score and quickly complete each level. Playing vertically will create vast changes in your board and increase your chances of victory.

Using Lollipop

Try to save every usage of lollipop because it’s not easy to get it even though sometimes you get it for free from turning the Wheel, we recommend this lollipop try not to use below level 50 because you will need it above that level.

Apart from playing Whell you can buy lollipops using real money, but it can not guarantee you to complete each level.

Saves Life

There are times when you will run out of life to play, we have two tips for this:

  • The first uses two versions of the game is the version of mobile and facebook version (play With laptop or computer). If you play with the mobile version and run out of life then you can continue the game with Facebook version and get the life again in full.
  • The second is easier and a lot of players do this, that is by using Cheat to get Unlimited Live, and you can find out the info here, complete with tutorials using it.

Those are some tips and tricks for this article, for more tips and tricks you can visit this and find various interesting tips and tricks for various games. and do not forget to visit to find a wide variety of gameplay and information about many games or you can share information about the game.


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