Clash royale Tips & Trick Part1

Clash Royale is one of the most popular games around the world, this game is able to attract the interest of game lovers with the style of playing PVP and can be played on Android and IOS which allows them to play this game. And in this article, we will discuss tips and tricks to play Calash Royal.

Lots of tips and tricks for this game that we will give because of that we will divide into several parts. And this is Part 1.

Cards on the Deck

This is the first thing you should notice, because the deck card you can determine your strength in battle, the right combination of cards can determine the victory because that’s the balance between attack cards on land, air and long distance cards or Spell. You can also add in-deck defense cards to anticipate attacks from enemies, and most importantly pay attention to the Elixir that the cards use do not let the one you use a lot of elixirs because it will hurt you in the game.

Card Combinations

You need to understand some combination of cards in battle because this is one strategy you need to apply. the combination of cards is a combination of the two card monsters you use for one attack can also say match the two cart to support each other, Examples such as PEKKA And Wizard: PEKKA has a large Hp in the first remove, then remove Wizard to support the attack behind PEKKA because Wizard has a faster attack on PEKKA appeal. And many other combinations that you can use for an opponent attack.

Do not Disregard Common Cards

Although Epic cards are better than common cards you should not ignore these cards because they are easy to pin down and have a high level that can beat Epic cards, this card does not require many elixirs. So always place this card on your deck.

Counterattack at Game Start

This counterattack is very effective at the beginning of the game, it depends on your patience in starting the game. Trying to be patient not to be the first attacker, this trick is very important because if you are the first attack it will be a benefit for you, survive first and then counterattack quickly will be more profitable for you, believe it or not try it yourself.

Be Patient and Endure for Victory

Patience is urgently needed to play, any game that patience is the important thing. In this game, survival is the thing you need to do because by surviving you can get the victory and if the enemy is stronger then the game will end in a draw so this is the best tips to maintain your trophy.

That’s some Tips and Tricks you can try and hopefully, you can find a solution for your best game, do not forget to read tips and tricks part 2 to increase your knowledge about this game. Or you can visit this to get lots of Gems.

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