Hello, come back with us to discuss one of the best Player vs Player (PvP) games of all time, a lot of battles that happen every day in this game because this game is played online and allows people in the world to meet in a match against you. A game, of course, requires a strategy and you can read the new strategy 2018 from our previous article.

In this article, we will return to discuss Clash Royale Tips and blazing part 2. If you do not know part 1 can read first and proceed to the next section.

Best Holding Card

Lots of defensive cards you can use in this game but, there are two very good cards in defense that is Bomb Tower and Tesla.

  • Bomb Tower: This card is very good to survive because every enemy who fights this tower will be hit by a bomb with great damage.
  • Tesla: The tower that emits electrical voltage is capable of attacking one object continuously and able to attack the enemy in the air.

Horde Card

This card will issue many monsters for one use. Horde is great for attacking and defending, so you need to put this card on your deck. Not a few players who often struggle against this card because this card is very good to hold a monster that has a large Hp like PEKKA.

Set Time To Box

You need to set the time to open your box because each box has a different time to open it from 3 hours to 12 hours. You need to plan to open the boxes, Like most players, they will open 3 hours of cubs during the day to make it easier to figure it out when the box opens, and open a box that lasts 8-12 hours at night so you can sleep quietly.

Use of Gems

Gems are very important in this game, much can be done with Gems from start earning money to raising monster card levels. However, you will hardly get this in large quantities if you do not buy it with real money because that’s why you should be wise in using this. There are so many players who purchase gems with real money to have a powerful monster card and spend a lot of money, there are other ways you can get free Gems in bulk, you can visit this and get what you want.

Join the Clan

You can go in or make Clan because it will get a lot of benefits for you. In the clan, you can share information about games and share tips and tricks to play and exchange cards with your friends. So it’s very important that you have a clan.

And that’s the best tips and tricks from us or you can find the others here, and do not forget to also gameplay of many games or Hack & Cheat from a lot of games and all that is in Gaminngtodie.


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