In this game, you will help Shid adventure explore the ocean to search for swarms that drift away from the loose sea ice shelf and bring them back to create a new colony. This long adventure will take you to explore a lot of ice islands like Ice Age movies. An adventure, of course, requires energy, the more the map then the more energy is also needed. In Ice Age Adventure, Barry is an energy source for adventure. So, in this article let’s discuss Strategy Set barry is limited.

Tips & Tricks Set Barry

Although not the main currency in this game barry is very important you have because this can be energy for your adventure later. We give you tips and tricks that you can use.

Producing Barry

Having a lot of Barry’s reserves is a very good thing in this game because with this it will help you to open a path covered by trees, shrubs and more. Because that’s the first priority of the shells you have to improve the berry-producing house.

Barry’s Saving Strategy In Adventure

Saves a barry reserve in adventure can be the best tips & tricks in this game. Be smart in choosing your way to where you want to be, first noticing each path and finding the fastest path with the few trees that go your way because it will keep you on the next path. Do not destroy all the trees in the folder, because it can get rid of your barry.

How to Get Unlimited Berry

With so many reserves you have will make your journey never stop and can collect many flocks in a short time. And how to do it like that? Simply, you can buy it with Acorn every time you run out of Barry without having to go back to the herd to take the backup, however, You guys have to have a lot of Acorn in order to finish all the maps.

How to Get Acorn

Having lots of acorns, of course, you can do anything in this game, not only add barry you can also speed up build time, buy items to open a new map and make some other supporting buildings. Little extra tips, you can use Hack to get this without having to make a purchase using real money. Read Ice Age Adventure Hack Unlimited Acorns for more surprises.

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