Games in the gadget now have become something that must be there, whether it’s a relaxed game until a serious game in playing it, not a few people who often forget the time in playing the game. Here we will review one of the many games played by children to adults.

Ice Age Adventure Fun Game

Basically this is a kids game but in fact a lot of teenagers and even adults who play. This game will bring every player on an adventure exploring the ice chunk, it’s a fun game because in addition to adventure there you will find other games like skating on ice and a lot of features of this game.


  • Many games feature in each location or map.
  • Collecting animals and forming colonies.
  • The ice age theme is very interesting.
  • The exciting storyline is always curious.
  • Not just adventure but building a flock is very exciting.
  • The background music fits perfectly with the style of the game.
  • The characters in the game are very familiar.


Each game certainly has its deficiencies as well as this game, although the game is easy there are some shortcomings here:

  • The use of Barry or energy does not suit your needs.
  • Items needed to open new maps and new homes are too difficult to get.
  • Because of the difficulty of getting an item requires players to make purchases using real money.
  • The time needed to raise the house level is too long.
  • Difficult to get Acorns.


This game is very interesting, no wonder many adults who download this game on their Android And iOS device even if just for fun or fill their spare time. But not a few of those who feel saturated while waiting for the process of collecting Barry or increase the level of a building or house.

The long wait for the process of producing Barry or the process of increasing the level of the building can be quickly resolved by using Acorns, but Acorns is very difficult to get when its usefulness is very important in this game, you can read the articles we previously discussed to get Unlimited Acorns, and we also have made an article about tips and tricks to play with Barry is limited, and I am sure it will help you in playing.

Additional information

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