Need For Speed no Limits Is one of the many games that EA has so much fun with, and this game was updated in December 2017 last year so the fans of this game are getting more and more up to now.

Developer: Firemonkeys
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Release: 30 Sept. 2015
Platforms: iOS & Android
Genre: Racing/Arcade

Things of Note for New player

For those of you who just play or will start this game, it’s good to pay attention to this first so that no problem occurs when you play.


For those of you who use Android or iOS, you should meet this minimum spec

Android: 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich – MR1), 1.2 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 800 x 600 display, and Tegra 3 or Adreno 302 or PVR SGX 543/545 GPU or Mali-400

iOS: iPhone 4S And iOS 6.1

What’s in this game?

  • Fuel, this will you use to start the race, this can be said fuel for your car, and usually, every game requires the 1-2 flue and will be refilled every 10 minutes for one fuel or you can fill this with 60 gold, or you will get full if you level up.
  • Blueprints, here you can assemble your own car from scratch.
  • Cash, this can also be the money you can use to buy auto parts on BlackMarket and others.
  • Style Points, you can use to modify your car.
  • Gold Points, can be said this is the main currency in this game because this you can use to replace Cash.

Gameplay guide

At the beginning of the game, you will usually be guided how to drive. For those of you who do not know we will give a little picture.

To turn right, you just have to press the screen to the right, (if pressing yellow as in the picture you will be right)

To turn left then press your left screen.

And if you press and shoot it up (like the yellow image on the right) then your car will drive quickly using NOS.

And for brakes and gases will usually be done automatically.

That’s the gameplay we can give, for now, hope this helps you to get started better. You can visit this to get free Gold or visit this for tips and tricks of this game.

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