Playing the game is certainly a fun thing to do, but what if the game is difficult to play and you want a solution or tips and tricks for easier playing, if so your decision is right to read this article, because here we will give tips and tricks to play Plant vs Zombie 2, if you want other game tips and tricks can visit this.

Plant vs. Zombie 2

The game is so successful in its first season, many of which play this game to the end, as most people often feel saturated to play the game to the end, but not with this game so many people enjoy this game until the end of the story, because that is the second season present to continue the story in its first season.

This game is not much different from the previous season, there is little change in this new season, such as this game can now be played online in battle Android or iOS you, the following tire we will provide tips and tricks from us.

New Tips and Tricks 2018

New games certainly need new tips and tricks to make it easier to play, especially for you, we’ll give you the most recent in 2018, Ok, so did we start.


  • Understand the abilities of every plant in the game,┬áHere are 7 new plants in this second season.
  • Choose plants that you think are most needed for each different level.
  • Always raise the level of plants to unlock new capabilities that will greatly help you to facilitate the game.
  • Always visit Zen Garden to monitor your plant growth.
  • Reduce the use of Gems for unnecessary.
  • Always provide plant foods to boost the plant level.


  • Pay attention to the selection of cards each starts the fight.
  • Consider using sun every pick of plant card.
  • Always place plants that have the ability to detonate zombies.
  • Use Gems to increase plant levels.
  • Keep playing to collect lots of Gems.
  • Use Plant vs Zombie 2 Hack Tool to get free gems.

Play Easy With Gems

This is the best tips and tricks you can follow using Gems because with this you are free to do anything from start buying food to plants to buy various needs for your plants and even buy a new type of plant to add to the collection of plants in your zen garden. That’s why you do not hesitate to use a Hack Tool system, or you prefer to buy gems using real money that will certainly drain your credit card.

And that’s the tips and blazing from us hope you can play better and collect a lot of plants in your Zen Garden. Thank you for visiting, if you need other information such as gameplay and Hack & cheats other game can visit this. Enjoy the game Guys and to meet in other articles.


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