Sling Kong Hack 100% Works on all Android and iOS devices No Root. This Hack Tool will give you Unlimited free coins with a fast process without going through the survey and Human Verification. To know more about this article.

Sling Kong Hack

Sling Kong is a game that a lot of fun, because the game is quite easy to play but sometimes makes you upset and curious. Gathering various funny characters in this game is one of the things that make us want a lot of coins to have it. Because of that we created the Hack Tool system that will help you.

Working on All Devices

Our system can run on all Android & iOS devices, because our system is operated online and without the download process and the results are 100% working properly. Not yet stern of course if you have not tried.

No Root  And security system

We guarantee security for the time and after this system, because as already explained our system works online so you do not need to change your device system (No Root), so we make sure your device is safe.

The Proof

We give the picture above as proof that many are hacking this Hack Tool and succeed without any problems. So you still hesitate to use it? It should not, because it will be very profitable for you.

How To Get Free Coins – 100% Working

How to get Coins is pretty easy in the game, but to have it in a great amount certainly takes a very long time, That’s why you need to do 7 quick steps to get free coins. You just need to follow each step as we do then the result 100% works.

  1. To get started you need to log in to our system by pressing Access Now.
  1. After entering our system press Connect to enter the server.

  1. After entering the server press Proceed To get started.

  1. Once it appears it will like the picture below, input the number of coins you want and press Generate.

  1. Enter the Username and platform you use in the small table that appears and press Continue to send data.

  1. Wait a few minutes for the process to finish.

  1. After the display appears like the image below, then you managed to do the process correctly.


By using a Hack system you can have lots of coins without having to play long and make purchases using real money and most importantly you can play with funny characters in this game and keep enjoying the game.

Thank you for visiting and do not forget to visit and read the hack and cheat other games, or tips and tricks that will help you to more easily play this game or another game, Once again we say thank you and happy to play.


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