Welcome to Gamingtodie, this time we will provide an important information for gamers who play Onmyoji because here you can get the iOS hack and Android hack to help you get lots of Jade quickly. We always give you the best hack for you to use, as proof we will give you an image that will show that our Onmoyji hack really can generate free Jade.

Onmoyji Hack

Many gamers who like this game are not only interesting, this game has an interesting story background for us to follow. Every player who plays in this game wants a hero who has a unique skill with a high level in order to finish every game easily and become an unbeatable player. There are many ways to do that but Jade is the first thing you have to have, everyone, knows that with this we can do anything from starting to buy heroes to speed up his skills.

Lots of people who use the Onmoyji hack to get jade easily, because only with this you can get it for free, and now you can also get it because we will give access to you complete with hacking tutorial.

Hack iOS and Android

The number hack system that there is but not all you can use because some hack can only be used for ios only, then for you Android users can not use it so there is also the opposite. Hack system that we will provide can be used in all devices because of the hacking process in working online.

Our Hack Advantages

In addition, can be used by all devices, our hack system also has other advantages such as:

  • No need to download the hacked system
  • Easy to use
  • No survey
  • No verification
  • Fast generate process

That’s some of the advantages of our hacking system is no wonder if many people who use it, you are lucky to find this.

Hacking process

As we have said that we will provide a hacking process tutorial by using our system, before using our hack you should get the access by pressing Access Now.

  1. Once you to get access it will display as below. Press Connect to connect to the server.

  1. Press Proceed for Hacking.

  1. You can specify how many jades you need, then press Generate.

  1. Do not forget to enter the email/username you use and select also the platform that is in use after Everything is finished you base press Continue.

  1. Wait until the process is complete.

  1. You can press Make A Donation and see your account has been filled free jade.


Using a hack is no longer a cheating but it is a natural thing, even if you do not try this system then you will be difficult to compete with other players because you need to know a lot of people who use the hack. By using a hack you can win every game easily because you are free to purchase items or anything without fear of running out of Jade.

And that’s a hack you can use for Onmyoji game. Thank you for visiting, waiting for hack and cheats, tips and tricks, and also the latest gameplay of many games that we will give every day.


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