Farmville 2 Guide & tips

Farmville 2 Country Escape is one of the many simulation games in play today. In this game you will be gardening, taking care of the cattle, and selling the proceeds to earn a lot of money and develop the farm to make more profit. You can play very quickly by making a purchase using real money to get a key that will help you speed up all the processes in this game. However, it is not the right solution or trick because you need to rethink to do it, we will give you quick guide and trick play without making any purchase with real money.

Guide and Tick

For those of you who are new to play can make this trick as a guide to playing to play faster. The first thing to do is to know the functions and features in this game, here are some features that are very important for you to know.

– Storage store, prioritize your money and your key to increase this as this will affect your speed in increasing XP or level. Because more of the production reserves we have the greater the chance we get a lot of money.
– Daily Spins, always visit every day to get gifts or items that will help you in gardening.
– Connect to Facebook, After connecting, you will get 2 advantages: you will get 25 keys free and the second is a very stopping thing is to establish cooperation with friends that will provide many benefits for you and your friends.
– Grandma’s Glade Always visits and activate every 15 minutes to find support items.

leveling Up

This is important because with a high level will open up a lot of features you need in the next game and one of them is Co-ops (which you can use in level 11) that will help you generate XP and money very quickly. That’s why this leveling is very important for you to do here.

The Best Tricks

You can do the same as ever trying to improve XP quickly. Take advantage of vacant land by opening up the land to eat as much grain as possible because this product is the fastest in the harvest, every time you take this product will produce XP even a little but in large quantities you will more easily level up, and a short time will also be a value-add in speed of getting XP. So pretty obvious is not it, and why do not you try it.

Not yet the best trick if there are still shortcomings. Ok, in this trick you cannot play optimally if you still lack material like the key that becomes the main currency in this game. To get a very difficult key what else in large quantities, you can read Farmville 2 Hack and Cheat For Free Unlimited Key, Buck, and Coin.

Ok, that’s our best guide and tricks, hope you can play well with this and make a master in this game. Do not forget to suggest our web to your friends to get the best rival and make this more exciting. Thank you and see you for the next Tips, tricks, and Guides.


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