Pocket army hack tool will make it easy for players to get free gems and cash using an online generator. Hack tool 2018 is much in use game lovers around the world so tools like this are common for them, and in this article, we will give a tutorial to use pocket army hack tool so you can get free gems here.

Pocket Army Hack tool 2018

In 2018 this hack tool has become commonplace in use among game lovers, this happens because they want the currency in the game with an easy way without having to use real money. Hack tool becomes the solution for them and of course, you also have to use this if not then you will be difficult to compete with them unless you use your real money to buy gems and cash.

Generator Hack

Generator hack is a system tool that works online to hack a game so that users can earn money or others in the game. This system you can use online so that it can work on all Android and iOS devices without having to download this system, in addition to easy this system is also proven to work and can produce what is in want, here are some comments from players who use this system.

Is this Amana?

Such a system is very safe to use because:

  • No need to download the system.
  • Working online.
  • The desired results will be sent directly to the account.
  • No need to fill password your account.

Use a generator like this is very safe only some of these systems can take a long time but, here we will provide a generator that is easy and fast to use because you do not need to complete the survey or verification.

Steps Using the Generator

Using a hack tool like this is very easy, especially in 2018 this system is easier and the results are really accurate and fast. Well for you who want free gems and cash follow every step we will give below:

  1. Select Access Now to get started.
  1. Press Connect to enter the server.

  1. After successfully entering the server continue to the next step by pressing Proceed.

  1. Enter the number of gems and cash you want and press generate.

  1. Before the data is processed do not forget to enter your game account email, after the contents select Continue.

  1. Wait a minute until the data transfer is complete.

  1. After the process is complete then your account has been filled in accordance with what you want.


To get free gems in this game is quite easy actually enough to complete every mission, however, gems are generated will not be enough for you to use it is deliberately done by the developer so you visit the shop and buy gems using real money. By using this system you will get it free so this system will greatly benefit you.

And that’s the pocket army hack tool 2018 that we provide specifically for you, hopefully, you can better enjoy this game and compete with other players. Do not forget to visit Gamingtodie again to get various information about the game or hack and cheat other games, even there you can find interesting tips and tricks that you can use to add your playing skill.


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