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Plants vs Zombies was one of the most successful games of the previous season, almost on all computers and laptops putting up this game, but the surprising thing came from ELECTRONIC ARTS which released its second season offering its latest verification that can be played on Android and iOS with a minimum of 4.1 specs.

In Plants vs Zombies 2, this attracts more game lovers than the previous season. How to play it not so much change, but the background story in this second season is a continuation of the previous and led to the emergence of 7 new plants.

A great player is a player who understands everything about the game he is playing, which is why you need to know the capabilities of this new plant and here are 7 new plants in Plants vs Zombies 2.

Lighting Red

This plant you can use with 125 suns.

This plant will produce lightning that will attack the zombies, this plant has a level of normal damage but fast recharge, besides this plant has a range of attack one lane that is top and bottom, but this plant will be more if you improve the plant with the ability Food will then produce a black cloud that can catch the zombies and attack it with lightning strikes.

Pea Pod

This plant requires 125 suns.

This plant has a normal level of damage but fast enough in the shooting, Jikan you increase this level of a plant so in one Pea Shooter can be 5 Shooter.

Spring Bean

This plant requires 50 suns.

This plant is less active because sometimes they fall asleep but if there are zombies approaching then pushed into the water, not only that this plant has a very slow recharge charging.

Chili Bean

This plant requires 50 suns.

Any zombies that eat these plants will be clothed in their stomachs, if you increase their ability with Plant Food then this plant can produce 3 new seedlings for one use, this plant takes a long time to be in use again but this plant has power a very big attack.

Power Lily

This plant requires 175 suns.

This beautiful plant is not easy to get, this plant you can use not only with suns but it needs money with the amount of $ 2.99, but this plant will really help you because this plant can provide food to other plants.

Coconut Cannon

This Plant Requires 400 suns.

Much like a cannon that can knock many attacking zombies, other than that this plant also has a fast charging rate and has severe damage in the 3X3 attack area.

Snap Dragon

This plant requires 150 suns.

This Dragon Snap is able to attack 6 zombies at once by spraying fire from his mouth and you will find this plant after completing Seas Day-2. This plant has quite good damage.

How to get the Plant

To get the plants you need to play diligently, because there are some plants that get in Day-2 and the rewards of completing a fight. But you can get whatever you want with the most vigilant currency in this game that is Gems. with it you can have a lot of plant food and more easily increase their level. Having a lot of Gems is certainly difficult you can buy it using real money, but here we offer another solution that is with Hack Tool that will help you generate more free Gems.

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