Hello, friends welcome our web. this time we will discuss one of the many games in play around the world, this cool friend. Clash royale is the best PVP game to date because there are still many players who are still active until now even this game more exciting friends.

What is Clash royale game?

Well let’s first let’s discuss this game first, and for those of you who already know this game eeemm …. stay with us. Okay for those of you who do not know yet what our Clash Royale game will give you, this is a one-on-one game in which each player attacks each other to destroy the enemy castle using the monster card on each deck.


There are 10 arenas available in this game. The arena is set based on trophies (can be earned after winning the battle) that you have not with the player level, and these are the names of the arena:

Training Camp
Goblin Stadium
Bone Pit
Barbarian Bowl
P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
Spell Valley
Builder’s Workshop
Royal Arena
Frozen Peak
Legendary Arena

Monster card

There are a lot of cards in this game, but here we only give a brief review. 3 types of cards, in general, are magic cards, weapon cards, and monster cards that are subdivided into multiple levels or capabilities.


how to play quite simple, all you have to do is select some monster card and place it in a deck (wise in choosing card). There are three castles in the field that you can attack 1 castle of the king and two castles of defense on the left and right of the king’s castle, the game will be finished within the specified time and can be faster if one of the players destroys the king’s castle quickly. After winning the battle you will get a box containing some of the monster and coin cards you can use on to increase your monster card level.

New Strategy 2018

New strategies you need to know and learn because this is what will be the key to every victory. To have the best strategy you need to understand the ability of many cards and match each other in the deck that you will use. Here we will provide some of the best deck for you to learn or you can use.

You can follow or imitate the deck formation as shown above, and if you do not already have a monster card like the one above you can replace it with another monster card or you can buy it at the shop. It’s a bit heavy indeed to buy cards using gems, but it’s the best way out. Relax your friends, we will give you a solution so you have lots of gems, you can read Clash Royale Cheat Gems to get lots of gems for free.


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