Hello Friends, this time we will review a little racing car game. Driving the speed of the car to be the first in the finish line is certainly normal, in this game will provide more than just spur speed, curious? ok, let’s review the game Need for Speed; No Limits.

Need for Speed is one of the games developed by EA that is able to attract a lot of fast car lovers. In this game Many interesting features, among which we will discuss in this article.

Story background

Have you ever played Need for Speed Underground on PS2 or other similar car games ?. Similarly, this game has the same background, you will start your racing career at the bottom level and follow the race below the level and build a reputation to be a top-level racer in the calculation.

Collection And Car Modification

There will be 22 fast cars like Subaru BRZ, Ford Fiesta ST, to McLaren 650s you can have. However, you can not have it all at once, of course, to have fast cars you need to follow a lot of games and earn lots of Gold to buy those cars.

One of the advantages of this game Modification Features, you can modify the car you have with virtual points. You can change and collaborate colors, lights, mirror glass, and various other car devices. And your car is ready to attract attention on the streets.

Racing Mode

In this game there are only two racing modes namely Underground and Tournament.

Underground, this mode that you will often follow, where you will fight against 3 other racers around the city with all its activities.
Tournament, In this mode you will fight one other racer and this will usually determine your level.

Create High Scores With Drifting

Drifting is one of the capabilities possessed by professional racers, but in this game does not have to be like that you just need the right calculation when using the brakes and gas. this ability you need to try and train again so that you are accustomed to doing this because this ability can help you create additional value in the race.

Complete All Missions and Events

Completing a mission is very important because it will help you to earn a lot of money even you can get a very valuable Gold.

Do not forget also to complete the existing Event, because usually the prize is offered more interesting again, and if you are lucky to get a new car that can add to your collection.

So this game is suitable for you who like with fast cars and spur speed in the density of the city. Important information for those of you who play this game, there is an easy way to get Free Gold Here or a gameplay gets a new car here.

Thank you for visiting hopefully this review is clear and easy to understand. You can also visit here to get a lot of information about the game and find also Tips & Tricks, Gameplay, and Hack & Cheat.


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