Hello, come back with us with the information about the game and this time we will review the farming simulation game. Lots of game farming simulation in google play but we will review the game Hay Day first because this game is much in play around the world and we will review it specifically for you who have not played it, and I hope with this article can be a consideration for you.

Features of Hay day

In this game, you seem to have your own plantation to live the life of a farmer with all activities in the plantation. Here are the features of this game that you can play.

  • Plant a variety of plants from the start of wheat, corn, carrots, sugar cane, to flowers in vast fields.
  • Have lots of pets like goats, chickens, cows, buffalo, horse so you can keep on your plantation and produce good quality products.
  • Create a new product by using raw materials from your plantation using a stout machine that you can find in this game.
  • Sell and buy variously processed and finished products on the market.
  • Have a car to sell your garden and farm products.
  • Have neighbors and help each other take care of farm animals or harvest the crops and share interesting prizes.
  • Extend and decorate the beautiful plantations possible to attract visitors.
  • And many other interesting features.

Excess In Hay Day Game:

  • Not easily bored, in addition to having many features of this game also provides a high level. So, this game will not be easy for you to finish.
  • In addition to large land for your open, the land can you decorate with various plantation ornaments such as straw man to fish pond.
  • The interesting storyline will make you curious to play and more excited to pass every level in this game.
  • And I think the voices in this game are quite interesting and the beautiful background music adds to the fun while playing.
  • Serving buyers who come directly to the plantation and get unique items from them.
  • Get unique and rare items from various interesting ways.


Not all good games have perfection there must be less than various aspects of supporters, as well as with this game there are some drawbacks that may be a weakness in this game. Here are some shortcomings that we feel in this game.

  • The price of some livestock is a bit expensive.
  • The raw materials needed to build the house and other places are too difficult to get.
  • Diamon gets too little while its usefulness is in need.
  • This affair is very impressive but requires a lot of diamonds that force every player to make a purchase with real money.


So this game is quite interesting for you to play on Android or iOS. Looking at the features and advantages of this game we are sure will make you comfortable to play but if in view of the shortcomings we have prepared the best solution for you.

A little guide for those of you who play this game we have discussed 5 Best Tips to add your information and play easier jagi. And for the Diamon problem, many are asking Hack Tool of this game and you can get it by visiting this.

And that’s the latest review of 2018 from us that hopefully can add game information for you, what if you are not satisfied with this can visit Gamingtodie and find various interesting information about game world that will help you find various tips and tricks, or Gameplay a game that interesting, and even provide the Hack & Cheat information you want.


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