Welcome to our Friends page, this time we will discuss one of the casual games of King. Relaxed games are created to fill their leisure activities both at home, workplace and everywhere. Android and iOS devices become a medium to play games everywhere and this is what King sees.

No doubt the games from King are perfect for relaxing activities because of a lot of relaxing game developed by the king and one of the Candy Crush Saga that we will review.

Candy Crush Saga Review

The first We will give a little review about the game Candy Crush Saga. This game will test your mind with candy-filled candies, sliding and lethargic candy to complete the puzzle adventure to advance to the next level.


Get more value by blasting a lot of candies with just one shift, combine a special candy blast like a wrapped candy and a striped candy will trigger this.


This is a level adventure game where each player can adventure by completing each level. Usually, the players compete with each other to have the level as far as possible.

High Scores

In addition to the high level, there is another competition in each level that is a scoring record and usually, every player will continue to repeat their game to get the highest score.

Simple Games

This game is created to be played as easy as possible where you just need to complete each level by blowing as many candies as possible and completing each mission. The game is easy but it needs a special strategy to complete the mission and get a high score, and that’s what a lot of people are looking for Tips and Tricks of this game, and you can also read here.

Reasons for Playing

At first many downloads the game is just for fun or fill their leisure time because most players are adults who compete at high levels. Competition is what causes them to continue playing and invite more new players to join the competition, and maybe you are one of them.

Competition sometimes makes some players use Hack and Cheat to finish each level and score as high as possible. Using Hack and Cheat would have been a regular thing and it would not hurt if you also tried to try it, Want? Visit this.

That’s the review we gave when. You can find other reviews and lots of other game information here, you can also offer tips and tricks, hack and cheat, gameplay and many more other information about the game.


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