seven knights battle tips

Seven knight is the best dungeon RVG game. This game is able to compete with other RVG games and survive for 2 years until now, in addition to having a good story background of this game is supported by a good graphics and make players more enthusiastic in the play.

Battle Mode

Not only adventurous with the main characters, a lot of fight modes in this game that you can play and compete with other players. Here are the following battle mode tips from us:


You will compete with other players to top the game in 10 split levels. Tips in this mode you need a strong hero in the team and match every passive ability among the heroes in the team.


Battle mode leveling for all players to be reset every week. Place your strongest hero in the first team and do not forget to put a support hero on the team.

Celestial Tower

Almost the same as Tartarus, but here will not reset because for now has been available 145 floors to be completed. Each floor is guarded with different heroes, you must first look at the enemy’s abilities and place a hero who can defeat the ability.

Special Dungeon

You will fight several different monsters in each level to get Elements and other supporting items for your fighters. Having lots of heroes be the best tips in this mode, because in this mode the battle of ability will be the key to victory.

Guild War

Battle mode that you can follow with your guild friends against other guilds. You can put the arena team in this mode as long as your hero is not banned.

Castle Rush

Collect as many points as possible with a guild friend by beating 7 Knights. Tips for this mode is pretty easy you have to have a hero who can withstand this 7 Knights ability.


Defeat dragons to get items that will be useful to increase your weapon level. Place heroes with special abilities that can withstand dragon attacks and place one of the greatest attacking heroes in the team.

Exploration Team

A special adventure to find the needs of your hero. There are no special tips here but try to always send a team to explore.

World Boss

Fight off many strong bosses to get as many points as possible and earn those points to buy some support items. Always place a hero with a special ability to withstand the ability of the bosses.

Best Tips and Tricks For All Battle Modes.

To win all modes of hajj with one solution that has a lot of heroes. To get it, of course, must always buy a card package in the shop, and it takes a lot of Ruby of course.

You can get a ruby from the arena every week, but you must be at a high arena level to get a lot of rubies. Or you can get a ruby from a mission to increase the level of a monster or hero with 2 rubies for one character, and you can imagine the time to collect 250 rubies for one pack of cards.

Using a hack or cheat to be the best trick to get a lot of rubies. so, you can have many best heroes in a short time. Visit Seven Knight Hack Tool For Free Ruby and Key for more information, and you can also try it.

Thank you for visiting and reading our article, hopefully, our tips and tricks help you to better play and keep you in every fight. Do not forget to tell your friends about the articles we’ve created to help them better play in and earn lots of rubies.


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