Tokyo ghoul hack

Tokyo ghoul hack that you can use to get free diamonds with ease. This hack can work on all Android and iOS devices because it is done online and many more other advantages of the hack we will give to you.

Tokyo Ghoul Hack

This is a generator-based hack system that many are looking for especially Tokyo Ghoul game players to make it easier for them to get free diamonds. If you usually get a diamond you can get by buying it in the menu shop using real money, with a hack you can get it for free.

Reasons for Using Hack

The main reason is free. There are many other reasons why you should use this:

  • Bayak players who use this also if the tone does not use it then you will be hard to compete with them.
  • Getting the diamonds is very difficult so this is your chance to get it easily.
  • In this game diamonds become a very valuable currency because of its utility can be for anything.
  • Unlike Mod this system is more secure in use.

Support For Android and iOS

The generator-based hack is much sought after because the hacking system like this is done online so it allows all Android and iOS devices support this system. If the mod usually offers the same features but how to use it differently and not all mod can work on Android or iOS and not a few who force your device to the root that will harm your device of course.

User Proof System

Many succeed and feel happy when they see their account get a free diamond. You can see the image below which contains some comments from our hack users, and you can also make this a consideration before using.

Hacking Using Generator

There are many hacks that take a long time in doing it, with a generator that we will give quite easy and fast in use. Only with 7 stages, you can get free diamonds in your account without the process of downloading, want to know how? see the pictures below:

  1. The first step there can be to get the link by pressing ACCESS NOW.
  1. The next step you need to enter the server, press CONNECT to enter.

  1. Press PROCEED to start the hacking process.

  1. After the box appears as shown below, you can input the number of diamonds you need. Once you have filled in, press GENERATE to allow the data to be processed.

  1. At this stage you need to input username that you use as the destination data in the process will be sent, do not forget also to choose the platform that you use. Once filled correctly press CONTINUE To go to the next step.

  1. At this steps, you only have to wait a few minutes until proses generate is complete.

  1. If the display on your screen is the same as the picture below then you successfully did the hacking process correctly.


An exciting game, of course, many who play and create competition. Not a few of those who use the hack to be able to get many needs that are difficult to get if only playing, as usual, therefore you also need it to be able to compete with them.

And that’s the Tokyo Ghoul Dark War Hack we made to help you get free diamonds. if you want a hack & cheat from other games or interesting tips & tricks that can help you to play better, all you can find in GTD.


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