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For some soccer fans, of course, having their own soccer team is something of a pride, and things like that can be realized on your Android and iOS and fight strategy with many people with your team at Top Eleven.

Top Eleven

Top Eleven is one of the most sophisticated strategy game in football fans, in this game you can have your own football team from starting up players until you set up the formation for the match you will manage entirely. No wonder this game is so much in play and many people are looking for tips and tricks of this game to achieve victory.

New Tips and Tricks 2018

For those of you who play this game, we will give you some best tips and tricks from us. Ok, so we go straight.

Player condition

Sometimes this small thing you can forget when this can have a big influence on every game. Prioritize players in your team have stamina above 70% because this will affect his ability in the next game, always rotate players in your team to keep their stamina to be always stable and ready when facing an important game.

Auction Players

Selling players while the tournament is still going to affect your team’s mentality, if you want to sell or throw away players should do at the end of the season so as not to have a mental influence on other players.

Watching Match

Always monitor your team when they play because it will boost your morale or mental team even as much as 8% and invite your friends to watch your team because this can add 2% credit yet again can increase your team’s victory by 15%.

Formation 3-1-3-1-2

This lineup is really good, many have tried and 75% have won a victory, believe it or not, you should try it.


The strategy is not perfect if the players in your team still have the usual ability or have little stars. You need to train players on your team so they can have more stars faster. Few tips in training players, train young players because they will be faster level up than the old.

A Quick Way to Win Victory

To achieve the victory certainly needs a lot of experience, but you can use the above tips to play better. Getting a win is certainly easy as long as you have a lot of players with a full star in your team, there are two ways for that to first have to play a lot and it saves a long time to collect lots of tokens and buy new players, and the second to buy as many tokens as possible use real money and buy new players. Which would you choose? of course the second is faster, but will drain your credit card.

A few extra tips for those of you who want to get a lot of tokens for free, you can use Cheat as so many people do. You can find Cheat and how to use it here. Many say using Cheat is a cheat, but it is now something that can be done. So try it now !.

That’s a little tip and tricks from us, you can find more tips and tricks and more information about the game here. Thank you for visiting and do not forget to tell your friends about this article, happy to play and good luck.


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