Hello friends, welcome to our page here you will find reviews of one of the games that are now stout in the interest of football lovers. Although this game attracts many football lovers many of them who do not know this game completely, that’s why we will review it for you who do not know it yet.

Top Eleven 2018

For the first let’s review, what is the Top Eleven 2018 game ?. This is a strategy game to organize a football team, demanding every customer to set up their own football team, from player purchases to organizing formations for a match.

Game Features

Here are the features you can play in this game:

  • Buy and form a core team.
  • Set the team formation for each match.
  • Attend tournaments online and against many other teams from various other countries.
  • Train players to create professional players and lift your team name.
  • And many more features that you will find in this game.

Easy Gameplay

How to play this game is actually quite easy, you will not be too fixated on your gadget like most games are now a lot in play. You just need to press a few buttons with a relaxed, like set formation you can choose the formation like what you will apply and then shift to the ideal position according to you and apply the movement like defend and attack to each player.

top eleven review

Disadvantages of this Game

I think this game is perfect enough to play, it’s just a lot of money complaining about the difficulty of getting a Token in this game makes some make use of real money and it makes many players lazy to do it, while now the competition between them is getting tighter. But for you, we give a few tips that can help you to get a free Token, read this article. Or you need some tips to get a victory visit this.


So, in conclusion, this game is very recommended for those of you who are so crazy about football, because this game will test your ability in managing your own football team, although in the year 2018 you are late to compete still there are many new players still emerging every day.

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