Ice Age Adventure It is an adventure game that will take each player to an ice age with primordial animals. The number of players who play here because the game is quite easy to play, but some people or new players often difficult to understand this game. Previously we have written about Tips and tricks for this game, this time we will discuss this game gameplay for you who want to try or less understood with this game.

Ice Age Adventure Gameplay

This game can be played from the age of 8 years but not many teenagers who like this game, because this game is quite fun to accompany a relaxing time. In this game, you will accompany one of the characters in the Ice Age movie that is Shid to roam across the ocean and search for friends and her herd lost by the melting ice and bring them back to the nest.

In this game you only have to direct the Shid to find a way to where other animals are passing through a lot of grass or trees that will block the road, in addition, you also need luck, because every time you find where the animal is located you can get it by completing the game or play wheel of fortune.

Understand the Map

This is important for you to notice because this will affect the speed of your Gameplay. As mentioned above, there will be many obstacles in your path to finding other animals such as trees, rocks, bushes, and more. Although all that you can clean but will spend a lot of Barry or energy, therefore, you should pay attention to the fastest path to the location of other animals without having to go through many obstacles.

How to Get Free Acorn

Acorn will be a very valuable currency in this game. Because with this you can use it for anything like speed up build time, add Barry, and many other things. To get Acorn is very difficult, if lucky you will get 1-3 Acorn on the journey, or you can get this from the mission you complete. You can also get this by buying it using real money through credit cards, credit, and more.

Gameplay Unlimited Acorn

If you have a lot of Acorn, we are sure to make you enjoy the game more, as most of these game fans are tired of using the home level to produce barry for so long or collecting items to open new maps. You may also feel the same, but most of them use a Hack or Cheat system to make them Unlimited acorn. Now things like that have become commonplace among players and you can also try it here.

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